Roxanne Longoria

Network Coordinator

2 Oliver St.

Boston, MA 02109


Our mission is to collaboratively improve the quality and diversity of services for youth at risk that allows them to develop the academic, work-readiness, life skills and support structure necessary to become self-sufficient adults. 

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YouthBuild Boston

  1. What kind of program is this?

    1. Career Exploration/ HiSET (GED) Program/ Earn GED/HiSET while being a part of a Career Exploration Program.

  2. What is the age range of students in this program?

    1. Ages 18-24 years old

  3. What are the program hours?

    1. 7am-6pm (Three different programs) Alternate time in classroom and on worksite.

  4. Do you provide a stipend ($$$) to students in the program?

    1. Participants earn bi-weekly stipends, certifications, and apprenticeships.

  5. What services do you offer?

    1. Small classroom, individual tutoring. Helps youth build a network of resources and mentors to attain a career after earning a credential. Wraparound Support.

  6. What is your BYSN “Special Sauce”?

    1. Provide GED/HiSET and pre-apprentice program simultaneously.

  7. Who should I contact?

    1. Alex Ho at