Roxanne Longoria

Network Coordinator

2 Oliver St.

Boston, MA 02109


Our mission is to collaboratively improve the quality and diversity of services for youth at risk that allows them to develop the academic, work-readiness, life skills and support structure necessary to become self-sufficient adults. 

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Notre Dame Education Center

What type of high school is this?

Alternative Education Diploma Program, Youth HiSET (GED) Program.

What is the age range of students in this program?

High School: 16-21 years old

HiSET: 16-24 years old

Why should I attend school here?

Workforce Readiness Initiative to gain employability skills and technical training to navigate the 21st-century job market.

What are the school hours?

Afternoon classes, Hours/Schedule depends on the program.

When can I enroll?

High School: January, June, September enrollment.

Youth HiSET (GED): Open Enrollment; You can enroll at any point throughout the year.

What are some common barriers of youth served?

DYS, homelessness, pregnant/parenting, low income, learning & behavioral challenges, court involvement, etc.

What services do you offer?

Wrap-around support, workforce services & coaching, guidance, tutoring, etc.

Alternative Education & GED / HiSET Pathway

What is your BYSN “Special Sauce”?

We offer two educational options to students (Diploma and HiSET) and able to provide many supportive services. We also offer ESOL classes to serve immigrants and citizenship classes.

School Address

Who do I contact?


Emily MacMillan at