Roxanne Longoria

Network Coordinator

2 Oliver St.

Boston, MA 02109


Our mission is to collaboratively improve the quality and diversity of services for youth at risk that allows them to develop the academic, work-readiness, life skills and support structure necessary to become self-sufficient adults. 

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EDCO Youth Alternative High School

  1. What type of high school is this?

    1. Alternative Education Diploma / Serve students who are over-age and under-credited, building a community of resilient learners with shared goals. Pathway & BPS Diploma through a small and supportive setting in Kenmore Square.

  2. What are the school hours?

    1. Monday - Friday, 9am - 2:30pm (for most students)

  3. What are some common barriers of youth served?

    1. Off-track from high school graduation, attendance struggles, failure in large high school settings, court-involved, trauma exposed.

  4. What services do you offer?

    1. Credit bearing classes, social-emotional support, counseling, and work-readiness.

  5. What is your BYSN “Special Sauce”?

    1. Location in Kenmore Square and connection to neighboring college resources.

  6. When can I enroll?

    1. Open Enrollment; You can enroll at any point throughout the year.

  7. Who should I contact?

    1. Felipe Gomes, School Coordinator, 617-262-9562